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Title : Miracles Do Still Happen
Author : Dilip Kumar Roy
Pages : 580
Price : ₹400
ISBN : 978-81-7276-562-0

About the book:

This Book is a rendering in English of the author's Bengali novel Aghaton Ajo Ghate. It is however, not solely a novel though it is full of subtle characterisation and of interesting incidents. Such incidents are not of the type to be found in the usual romance or novel of adventure. It may be justly described as the story of a quest with its pursuit, failures, vicissitudes and lastly, fulfillment.
This novel, in effect, contains an account of a series of happenings and events both external and psychological. In this book, the author shows us that miracles are not out of date, that they do still happen.
One of the remarkable aspects of this fine novel is its artistic and intellectual achievement in bringing together the two fundamental aspects - intellectualism and spirituality - of human nature. The author makes even the skeptic seem genuine and sincere, which he very often is, and yet works through this unbelief to belief.

About The Author: Dilip Kumar Roy :
Sri Aurobindo's close disciple, Dilip Kumar Roy is a mystic, a singer, composer, poet, author of more than 75 books in Bengali and 25 in English and is an awardee of Sur Sudhakar and Sangeet Ratnakar awards.

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