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Books on Munshi Sahitya Series

Title : Bhagavan Parshuram
Author : K. M. Munshi
Pages : 500
Price : Rs400
ISBN : 978-81-7276-513-2
About the book:

The Kindle Edition of this book is available on
The book is an English summary of Kulapati Munshi's mythological novel in Gujarati of the same name. Read More

Title : Prithvi Vallabh
Author : K. M. Munshi
Pages : 161
Price : Rs200
ISBN : 978-81-7276-503-3
About the book:

Prithvi Vallabh is "the most typical" of Munshiji's historical romances. It was picturised on the silent screen and again as a talkie which became one of the Minerva Movietone's biggest hits and one of the Indian screen's great masterpieces. Read More

Title : Jaya Somnath
Author : K. M. Munshi
Pages : 432
Price : Rs525
ISBN : 978-81-7276-588-0
About the book:

The Kindle Edition of this book is available on
Jaya Somnath is the story and heroism of Bheemdev and the love of the temple dancer Chaula for him. The story tells of the mortal crisis which Gujarat passed through when Sultan Mahmud of Ghazni attacked and destroyed the sacred temple of Somnath. It is a moving and fascinating story of Gujarat's fight to save its honour. Read More

Title : Krishnavatara VII The Book of Yudhisthira
Author : K. M. Munshi
Pages : 215
Price : Rs260
About the book:

The book includes the chapters from the Book of Yudhisthir as well as from the Book of Kuruskshetra. This book deals with the main episodes preceding the Kuruskshetra was and ends with the war being raged. The Kauravas ruled over Hastinapur while the Pandavas had to be content with Khadavaprastha, a wilderness. However they made it into a beautiful place and managed to invite kings to perform the Rajasuya. When Krishna is honoured there is a big fight. Then the Kauravas invite the Pandavas to the famous game of dice which eventually leads to their banishment again and the Mahabharat war.Read More

Title : Krishnavatara-V The book of Satyabhama
Author : K. M. Munshi
Pages : 233
Price : Rs220
ISBN : 978-81-7276-466-1
About the book:

This book deals with the Syamantaka, the magic stone that turns everything to gold, and Satrajit, its owner. Satrajit is very rich and is against Krishna but his own daughter is on Krishna's side and wants him for a husband. Satrajit hides the Syamantaka declaring that Krishna is the thief. Satya goes in search of it, faces death and strange happenings and Krishna rescues her. Read More

Title : Krishnavatara-IV The book of Bhima
Author : K. M. Munshi
Pages : 322
Price : Rs280
About the book:

Bhima the third brother of the Pandavas was giant sized, full of pranks, naughty, and lovable. He is shown to pull Draupadi's hair, teasing Jalandhara, Duryodhana's sister in law, and always talking merrily. He makes Drupad 'force' the Pandavas to take a large dowry. When they return to Hastinapur, he heads the big bridal procession. Read More

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