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Books on General

Title : Immortal India Volume 3
Author : J. H. Dave
Pages : 240
Price : Rs45
About the book:

While going on a tirtha yatra one should preferably go on foot. Some places are not accessible by conveyance. Walking is also relaxation and gives the visitor time to think and contemplate. It is said that if the pilgrim employs a vehicle he will lose half the merit, if he uses shoes or umbrella he will further lose out on merit and if he conducts business on the way or accepts a gift then his pilgrimage is a waste. However a physically ill person can undertake the journey even by conveyance and he will not lose any merit. Read More

Title : Shyam's Mother
Author : Sane Guruji
Pages : 95
Price : Rs70
ISBN : 81-7276-178-3
About the book:

Sane Guruji's 'Shyamchi Aayee' brings out not only all the endearing aspects of the mother but the strength of her will to foster her children as heroes - bold and brave, generous and loving, kind and sympathetic. The setting is rural Konkan of Maharashtra and the mother portrayed is the mother anywhere else in India, loving and caring, gentle yet firm. Read More

Title : The Vision of Siva in Periyapuranam
Author : Ratna Ma Navaratnam
Pages : 127
Price : Rs35
About the book:

The book is basically a story of Siva's supremacy over other cults and creeds. Sambandar, one of the foremost of Shaiva saints witnessed Siva’s supremacy and this marked a significant landmark in the history of Saivism in India. Sixty three saints extolled the Supreme Reality of Siva. Sekillar (twelfth century) cites authentic incidents where the power of Siva destroys even poison and fire. Such is the power of Siva as told in Periyapuranam. The Tamil culture, habits., thoughts, social structure have also been discussed in great detail. Read More

Title : The Tao of psychology
Author : Nirmal Kumar
Pages : 168
Price : Rs60
ISBN : 81-7276-015-9
About the book:

The book is about the modern man's predicaments. The author says that the modern man has two problems-self multiplication and self forgetfulness. He discusses various phrases like 'knowledge is power' as applied to the present day situations. He has thought deeply over several topics and realized some truths which he has shared with the readers of this book. Reviewers have said that the book is more than a scientific or artistic study, it is deeper than both.Read More

Title : True service of God-A collection of stories (Original text in Gujrati)
Author : Makarand Dave. Translated by Rekha Gupta
Pages : 58
Price : Rs35
About the book:

Seventeen stories have been selected from the book 'Peer Parayi'. They show the nobility of giving service to suffering fellow beings and the futility of attachment to worldly possessions. There are unsung heroes of all religions who serve humanity and do yeoman service.Read More

Title : Song of the Siddhas
Author : Pushpa Chadha
Pages : 115
Price : Rs75
ISBN : 81-7276-045-0
About the book:

The 'Song of the Siddhas' is a translation of the Siddhas Gita. A book called 'Gyan Vairagya Chandawali' contains these songs. The poem tells how King Janak ventured into the forest and gained knowledge from the Siddhas which he told his queen which forms three chapters of the book as a dialogue between Janak and his queen.Read More

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