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Books on History

Title : Vedic Records on Early Aryans
Author : L N Renu
Pages : 247
Price : ₹225
ISBN : 8107276-346-8
About the book:

The book holds the view that Vedic Aryans were very much Indians and never did Aryan hordes descend into India from Central Asia or some other part of the world as is assumed by Western scholars. Read More

Title : History and Culture of the Indian People (Complete Set)
Author : R. C Majumdar (Editor)
Pages : 9000
Price : ₹14265
About the book:

This is the first history of India written exclusively by her own people which brings to bear on the problems a detached and critical appreciation. ORDER THE ENTIRE SET AND AVAIL OF 25% DISCOUNT. Actual Price Rs. 19,020/- Discounted Price Rs. 14,265/-Read More

Title : Vande Mataram to Jana Gana Mana-saga of Hyderabad Freedom Struggle
Author : V H Desai
Pages : 243
Price : ₹80
About the book:

The book gives a slice of Indian history with all the agonies and ecstasies. This is a first hand account of the people's struggle against a wily and cunning ruler, relying on the support of the fanatical Razakars. In 1939, the Nizam banned the singing of Vande Mataram which was disastrous.Read More

Title : The end of an era (Hyderabad Memoirs)
Author : K. M. Munshi
Pages : 290
Price : ₹75
About the book:

It is almost a word to word about the happenings in the last stages of independent Hyderabad before it joined mainstream India after independence. In the stomach of India, Hyderabad was like a 'cancer' and if it had not joined the country and had chosen to remain independent it would have been a real problem. K M Munshi was India's Agent General in Hyderabad and gives a vivid account of the happenings of that period of time which was turbulent, full of intrigues, political moves and sensation.Read More

Title : The spiritual wisdom of Ancient Bharat
Author : R C Venkateshwarlu
Pages : 310
Price : ₹350
ISBN : 978-81-7276-407-4
About the book:

The book brings out the truths written in Upanishads, Itihasas, Sastras and Puranas for the public. It helps spread the universal and life giving message of Swami Vivekananda, it highlights the goal of life and the role of prayer, and stresses that the need of the hour is spiritual education for the younger generation and talks against caste system and corruption. It gives practical knowledge of yoga, pranayam, kundalinis and other information. Read More

Title : History through personalities
Author : P Ramalingam
Pages : 275
Price : ₹240
ISBN : 81-7276-067-1
About the book:

Dedicated to the children of India the book under review consists of writeups of personalities of the world who are remembered for their contributions and leadership. People who have left their footprints, their handprints and fingerprints on the sands of time are included. Personalities like Buddha and Mahavira rub shoulders with George Washington, Beethoven, Mozart, Marco Polo, Jawaharlal Nehru, Winston Churchhill, Kiran Bedi and Margaret Thatcher, to name just a few. Chapters on the World Health Organisation, The Kurds, Bosnia, Afghanistan are also included, making the book almost look like a reference book.Read More

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