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Books on Religion And Philosophy

Title : Krishnavatara VI The Book of Veda Vyaasa the Master
Author : K. M. Munshi
Pages : 353
Price : Rs390
ISBN : 978-81-7276-473-9
About the book:

Veda Vyaasa also called Dwaipayana was the son of Sage Parashar and Satyavati, the fisher girl. He was born when the Muni was brought to her village in a sick condition. He would come to visit them every year on his son's birthday. On one of his birthdays he takes Dwaipayana with him and teaches him all about WORD. Read More

Title : Krishnavatara-I The Magic Flute
Author : K. M. Munshi
Pages : 328
Price : Rs360
About the book:

This book begins with the marriage of Lord Krishna's parents Devaki and Vasudeva, talks of his birth, his childhood and ends with the death of his maternal uncle wicked king Kamsa.Read More

Title : Nijaguna's Songs of the Transcedant - Paramarthagite
Author : Swami Sahajananda (Prof. R. B. Kanthi)
Pages : 136
Price : Rs150
ISBN : 81-7276-241-0
About the book:

Paramarthagite is one of eight treatises of Sri Nijaguna Sivayogi, a mystic, a poet and a philosopher. This book gives an exquisite description of the grand vision of the Transcendental Truth. Read More

Title : The Spiritual Kingdom-The Glory of Gayatri Mantra
Author : H. Atmaram
Pages : 59
Price : Rs40
ISBN : 81-7276-256-9
About the book:

A small book with a big purpose. In this book, the author has turned his attention to writing about spirituality addressed to the younger generation. Read More

Pages: 12