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Books on Socio-Political Biographies

Title : Roses in December - an autobiography
Author : M C Chagla
Pages : 588
Price : Rs730
ISBN : 978-81-7276-447-0
About the book:

Reading this book is like seeing personally Indian history of the past century, so vividly has M C Chagla described the events and happenings of those turbulent years. Interesting incidents have been mentioned, the joys and the sorrows, the tiffs and the anger with other leading personalities of India struggling for freedom. Chagla played a very important role during this crucial period and his agile pen has recorded all that happened in this book which has been a best seller.Read More

Title : The legacy of Baba Amte
Author : Dr. Veena Adige
Pages : 187
Price : Rs210
ISBN : 978-81-7276-564-4
About the book:

The book is a biography of the well known social activist, Murlidhar Devidas Amte, better known as Baba Amte. His is a riches to rags story. He created Anandwan for the leprosy affected, Hemalkasa for the tribals and 27 such centers for the poor, the handicapped, the neglected, the lost and the sick. Baba Amte and his family have been honoured with several national and international awards and his work has been recognized by the world. Read More

Title : As It Happened! An Autobiography
Author : Jaisukhlal Hathi
Pages : 516
Price : Rs400
ISBN : 81-7276-283-6
About the book:

This autobiography's most important message is that it is indeed possible for any individual to attain very high position in life by making sincere and honest efforts coupled with intelligent and commonsense approach. Shri Jaisukhlalji was neither a genius nor an expert in any field of study except maybe in human psychology; yet starting as a school teacher, he ultimately became a Union Cabinet Minister and Governor of an important state of India.Read More

Title : Loknayak JP: Man of the Century
Author : Sachchidanand
Pages : 518
Price : Rs450
ISBN : 81-7276-288-7
About the book:

This Volume is a biography of Loknayak Jayaprakash Narayan, People's Man of the Century, who lived for the people, fought for the people and died for the people.Read More

Title : Ten faces of a crazy mind
Author : Autobiography - K S Karanth
Pages : 293
Price : Rs125
ISBN : 81-7276-023-X
About the book:

The book is an autobiography which includes frankly all the ups and downs of Karanth's life. He says that the book is not a success story, it is more a story of a failure who succeeded. The book starts with the place of his birth-a place called Kota ,north of South Kanara and goes on the describe his childhood, his college days, the freedom fighters story and then on to the sixty years of his life. Read More

Title : Baba Prithvi Singh Azad, The Legendary Crusader
Author : Autobiography
Pages : 340
Price : Rs105
About the book:

This autobiography of Padmabhushan Baba Prithvi Singh Azad is an action-packed thriller. It is the thrilling story of a daring revolutionary who carried on an unending and often dramatic struggle for the freedom of the motherland.Read More

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