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Books on Vedas

Title : A Glimpse on Vedic Concepts
Author : E. T. Sankarankutty
Pages : 172
Price : Rs120
ISBN : 81-7276-387-5
About the book:

Everyone, everywhere desires to be happy in life, always and throughout the life. Without exception, all are desirous of reaching the abode of God at the end of their lives. A knowledge about what you are, who you are, what Brahaman is, your relationship with 'Him', the spiritual path you may opt to tread to reach 'Him', etc., elucidated in our Vedic scriptures, have been meaningfully propounded with well reasoned conclusions using specific Sanskrit words to convey certain concepts clearly. Read More

Title : Vedic tradition in the new millennium
Author : Ramakrishnan Srinivasan
Pages : 226
Price : Rs250
ISBN : 81-7276-204-6
About the book:

Vedic tradition is eternal. It existed long ago and will continue existing for a long time. The book brings out some aspects of this tradition along with its influence on others like Buddhist, Ancient European, Greco-Roman and others.Read More

Title : Dialogue Hymns of Rgveda
Author : Dr. Satya Dev Choudhary
Pages : 217
Price : Rs250
ISBN : 81-7276-263-1
About the book:

The book deals with eleven dialogue-hymns of the Rgveda. The original text in Vedic Sanskrit has been translated in as easy an expression as possible. A worth reading book for those having taste for a peep into and respect for the distant past.Read More

Title : Rig Veda (Part II)
Author : Dr. J. K. Trikha
Pages : 198
Price : Rs125
About the book:

The first volume on Rig Veda by the late Dr. Trikha deals with the first thirty hymns of the Veda. This second and final volume gives the scientific and intellectual analysis of the remaining hymns. It deals with the Vedic concept of Creation first the sacrifice of the Primal Being (Purusha), then as ideation ( Sankalpa) in His mind on waking up from sleep (Yoga-nidra) and finally as the weaving of the web of creationRead More

Title : The Call of the Vedas
Author : A. C. Bose
Pages : 314
Price : Rs70
About the book:

If Veda Vyasa classified the vedic mantras into 4 assortments namely rig, yajur, sama , atharva, in this book they are classified under the 5 headings of the path of devotion, path of knowledge, the path of mysticism, the path of splendour and the path of action. The classification is ably explained in the introduction, a masterpiece of an erudition and lucid presentation of the Vedas' significance to the modern world. Read More

Title : Krishi Mandala in Rigveda
Author : N. L. Jategaonkar
Pages : 128
Price : Rs140
ISBN : 81-7276-167-8
About the book:

The author's period from 68 to 74 years of age is remarkable for the strenuous travels made by him in the Himalayan Regions and other regions from Kailash to Kanyakumari for study of Ecosystems particularly with reference to the regions where the Rigveda originated. The work bears testimony to the hard work put in by him as a researcher in the field towards which he has been irresistibly fascinated.Read More

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