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Books on Epics And Allied Literature

Title : Raaga in Krishna Blue
Author : Rita Dalmiya
Pages : 65
Price : Rs75
ISBN : 7276-060-4
About the book:

The book is a collection of forty highly emotional and deeply intoxicated poems on love for Krishna. The writer is almost a mixture of Gopi Radha and Bhaktha Meera in her dreams for and obsession with Sri Krishna. The poems speak of her yearning for the darshan of Lord Krishna, of her dreams of him appearing to her in person and reciprocating her love. Each poem is an expression of the deep rooted yearning for the God. Read More

Title : The Message of Mahabharata - The Nation’s Magnum Opus
Author : Justice P. Kodandarmayya
Pages : 562
Price : Rs300
ISBN : 81-7276-325-5
About the book:

The importance of the two great epics Ramayana and Mahabharata are discussed in the introduction. The book divided into three parts includes the creation and the history of the created beings in the universe, wisdom and dharma, spiritual values. The main theme of the book is that the Vedic religion of India enunciates nondualistic philosophy. Read More

Title : Mahabharata
Author : C. Rajagopalachari
Pages : 504
Price : Rs300
ISBN : 978-81-7276-476-0
About the book:

64th Edition is now available.
Centuries ago, it was proclaimed of the Mahabharata: "What is not in it, is nowhere." But even now, we can use the same words about it. He who knows it not, knows not the heights and depths of the soul; he misses the trials and tragedy and the beauty and grandeur of life.Read More

Title : Ramayana
Author : C. Rajagopalachari
Pages : 477
Price : Rs300
About the book:

The Kindle Edition of this book is available on
The Ramayana is not history or biography. It is a part of Hindu mythology. One cannot understand Hindu dharma unless one knows Rama and Seeta, Bharata, Lakshmana, Ravana, Kumbhakarna and Hanuman.Read More

Title : When Pandavas lost
Author : U Subramaniam
Pages : 120
Price : Rs90
ISBN : 81-7276-296-8
About the book:

There are 24 stories dealing mainly with middle class life in small towns. Servants, hawkers, also find a place in these stories which are told in a simple manner.Read More

Title : Alphabetical Index of Shrimad Bhagavata Verses
Author : Padma Kulkarni
Pages : 324
Price : Rs400
About the book:

A very important reference work, the book is a compilation of an alphabetical index of Shrimad Bhagavata verses.Read More

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