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Books on Epics And Allied Literature

Title : Srimad Bhagavatam
Author : Kamala Subramaniam
Pages : 806
Price : Rs1000
About the book:

The Kindle Edition of this book is available on
This is a summarized version of Mahapurana Srimad Bhagvatam. Though condensed the book carries all the important aspects. The author has done away with the ornamentation and decorations and has kept the hard core of the Mahapurana. She has brought out the essentials of Srimad Bhagavatam in a simple and appealing language. This book is a confluence of Bhakti yoga, karma yoga and Jnana yoga.Read More

Title : Mahabharata
Author : Kamala Subramaniam
Pages : 766
Price : Rs1000
About the book:

The Kindle Edition of this book is available on
The author has captured with dramatic intensity the movement of the story of the epic Mahabharata. The narrative is vivid, and is a priceless legacy for the young and the old. The story of the Pandavas and the Kauravas and the Mahabharata war has been retold in a superb manner. Though the book is an abridged version of the great epic, all the important aspects have been covered in it. The style is lucid, the dialogues crisp and the characters come alive in front of the readers because of the descriptions by the author. The story is more than just an epic, it tells the story of heroic men and women, code of life, philosophy of social and ethical relations.Read More

Title : Sri Krishna and The Kuru Princes
Author : S. Ramana Rao
Pages : 264
Price : Rs180
ISBN : 81-7276-278-X
About the book:

The work presents in a condensed narrative form certain portions from the Mahabharata and the Bhagavata-purana.Read More

Title : Love is God
Author : Acharya Lalitacharanji Goswami, Madan Mohan Jaimini
Pages : 41
Price : Rs30
About the book:

The book gives a short exposition of the religious system established by Radha Vallabh Sampradaya on the concept 'love is God'. The book deals with all aspects of pure love and bhakti. History is woven with stories from the epics and Krishna and Radha are the two eternal lovers who are worshipped.Read More

Title : Lord Ayyappan The Dharma Sasta
Author : Pyyappan
Pages : 64
Price : Rs50
About the book:

Lord Ayyappa is a very dear deity especially in Kerala. People flock to the Sabarimala Hills after observing certain rules and regulations. The really dedicated ones live an austere life for about forty days after taking the 'mala'(garland round the neck) and then in simple clothing and with a package of offerings to the Lord and food, they climb the hill reverentially for the darshan. Makar Sankranti (January 14) is a very holy and important day when the Sabarimala Hills gets swarmed with devotees. The trek is through jungles and uneven grounds and is a test of stamina. The book tells the story of Lord Ayyappan who was born in Kerala and the pilgrimage to Sabarimala. Read More

Title : Sri Yogavasishtam (Maharamayanam) - Book of Nirvana - Part 1
Author : English Translation by P.N.Murthy
Pages : 500
Price : Rs525
ISBN : 81-7276-209-7
About the book:

Yogavasishtam is one of the most important texts of Indian spiritual traditions. It contains the dialogue between Sage Vasishta and Poorna Purushottama Sri Rama. Read More

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