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Books on Art and Culture

Title : Immortal India Volume 1
Author : J. H. Dave
Pages : 232
Price : Rs45
About the book:

Visiting a tirtha (pilgrimage place) has always been considered good and religious. In ancient times learned seers travelled from place to place and sanctified many of them. Making a tirtha yatra has been considered as important as performing a sacrifice or holding a puja. Anyone can go on a tirtha yatra and there are so many religious places in India that one can select and visit. Before embarking on a tirtha yatra one has to study the importance of the place and learn of its history. One has to go there with a pure mind, a clear heart and discipline. Normally a fast (abstinence from eating) is a prerequisite and then a holy bath in the waters of the tirtha are prescribed. Those without faith, those full of sins, with a doubting mind, those who are Godless and those indulging in bad reasoning will have no benefit from going on a tirtha yatra while the really sincere ones will wash away all their sins by visiting a tirtha stan. Read More

Title : Shiva-the Light of Lights
Author : Makarand Dave
Pages : 64
Price : Rs850
ISBN : 0-9743738-0-X
About the book:

Shiva, one of the important Gods of the Hindu trinity has many stories, legends, myths, and beliefs. The author has decoded any mystery, any confusion surrounding the folklore of Shiva and has given a rare and deep insight into this God. Everything that a person wants to know about Shiva is included in the book. Read More

Title : C S Speaks
Author : C. Subramaniam Compiled and edited by Dr K S Subramanian
Pages : 414
Price : Rs300
ISBN : 81-7276-328-X
About the book:

The book contains a selection of articles and speeches by Bharat ratna C Subramaniam. They cover a wide range of subjects like education, development, Social and cultural scene, science and technology and politics. Read More

Title : Batik for the Beginners
Author : Shanta Deshpande
Pages : 31
Price : Rs65
About the book:

The book gives detailed step by step process of batik art in a simple language. Beginners and even those who know nothing of the art can begin batik printing by reading this book. Batik is an Indonesian word derived from 'titik' or 'tik' which means a drop or a little bit. Tiny drops of molten wax are used on the design to resist the dye.Read More

Title : Song of Life
Author : Radhey Shiam
Pages : 100
Price : Rs140
ISBN : 81-7276-312-3
About the book:

The book presents the essence of life in a practical manner. It unravels the mysteries of life, soul religion and answers questions, provides tips .The songs are portrayed with sketches from the common life and generates good spiritual currents within to produce tranquillity of mind. Read More

Title : Societies Cultures and Ideologies
Author : D P Chattopadhyaya
Pages : 311
Price : Rs300
ISBN : 81-7276-220-8
About the book:

The book deals with various aspects of societies, cultures and ideologies and the author offers analyses and interpretations of the basic social institutions, processes, their changing forms of interaction. Philosophy, history, ethnography and ethics are interwoven in this book. Ideas of thinkers like Rammohan Roy, Karl Marx, Vivekananda, Gandhi and Sri Aurobindo are discussed here. The book will be of special interest to social scientists, historians, philosophers, and also the general readersRead More

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