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Books on Epics And Allied Literature

Title : Sri Bhagavataratnavali
Author : T. B. Dharmaraja Iyer
Pages : 71
Price : ₹15
About the book:

Here are 108 verses selected from Shrimad Bhagvatam. Everyone can make a few selection for himself or herself according to aptitude, from the treasure house of the readymade wisdom to be derived from the classic. Since this may require a degree of acquaintance with the sanskrit language which everyone may not possess, it is useful to have a selection like this one. Read More

Title : Bhasa's Madhyama-Vyayoga
Author : Sudha Bhattacharjee
Pages : 63
Price : ₹60
ISBN : 81-7276-147-3
About the book:

To praise Bhasa to the world of Sanskrit letters is to carry coals to Newcastle, as the old saying goes. It is widely recognised that he belonged to Pre-Kalidasa era and was known as a dramatist with a poetical faculty used to subserve the impact of his dramas. The faculty is noteworthy but unobtrusive, simple but profound and engaging in manner as well as content Read More

Title : Timeless Symphony
Author : R.K.R.Nair
Pages : 252
Price : ₹150
About the book:

This novel reflects refreshingly different faces of mythological soul-mates Krishna and Radha, brightened by myths of love which are more real than reality itself. Read More

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