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Books on Art and Culture

Title : With love, from Britain- A mother writes to her children
Author : Urmila Mohapatra
Pages : 87
Price : Rs210
ISBN : 81-7276-122-8
About the book:

The book describes the experiences of an Indian born American woman of Leicester in UK which has over 65000 Indians. The articles are in the form of letters to her children back in USA and gives anecdotes and personal experiences. It is a lively oral history of the changing face of Indian culture in Britain. Read More

Title : Immortal words: An Anthology
Author : R R Diwakar , S Ramakrishnan
Pages : 256
Price : Rs40
About the book:

This book brings together the utterances of some of the master spirits of the ages telling the reader of the purpose in life which transcends the fulfillment of material wants and the enjoyment of sensual pleasures. The collection hopes to provide a chart for the voyage of man through the stormy seas of life. Read More

Title : The Origin of Human Past Children of Immortal Bliss
Author : V Lakshmikantham
Pages : 362
Price : Rs340
ISBN : 81-7276-153-8
About the book:

The book gives the needed impetus for the people of India to realize that they are the children of Immortal bliss with a glorious past and heritage. Research tells that the imposed theory of Aryan invasion is not correct. India has been a united nation of one people with a common culture and tradition. There is ample evidence that our country was and is a richly endowed country. The book tells of the realization that vedic rishis of yore anticipated ideas and developed theories in many areas which are only now being explored, that India had every knowledge and information which is even now undiscovered. Read More

Title : Meditation (Simran)
Author : Rajinder Kaur
Pages : 29
Price : Rs65
ISBN : 81- 7276-196-1
About the book:

This treatise on 'Meditation' is the English rendering of the gist of talks given by Rajinder Kaur, while taking meditation classes of the Akal Satsang. What is written is based on her personal experience as meditation guide and therein lies its real value to the readers, who are seriously interested in regular meditation for transforming their lives.Read More

Title : Our Heritage
Author : Swami Siddhinathananda
Pages : 295
Price : Rs90
About the book:

The Kindle Edition of this book is available on
Written with a deep insight into our cultural heritage , the book traces the evolutionary process of our heritage from the Vedic times.Read More

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