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Books on Epics And Allied Literature

Title : Bhasa's Madhyama-Vyayoga
Author : Sudha Bhattacharjee
Pages : 63
Price : Rs60
ISBN : 81-7276-147-3
About the book:

To praise Bhasa to the world of Sanskrit letters is to carry coals to Newcastle, as the old saying goes. It is widely recognised that he belonged to Pre-Kalidasa era and was known as a dramatist with a poetical faculty used to subserve the impact of his dramas. The faculty is noteworthy but unobtrusive, simple but profound and engaging in manner as well as content Read More

Title : Timeless Symphony
Author : R.K.R.Nair
Pages : 252
Price : Rs150
About the book:

This novel reflects refreshingly different faces of mythological soul-mates Krishna and Radha, brightened by myths of love which are more real than reality itself. Read More

Title : Srimad Bhagvata As I See It
Author : D. A. Desai
Pages : 245
Price : Rs180
About the book:

This book is an enlightening compendium of scriptural episodes from the Bhagavata that provide guidance for the common man for leading an ethical life without looking upon them as merely mythological descriptions of the Lord's incarnations.Read More

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