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  • Chairman, Managing Committee
    Dr. D. K. Daftary
    Phone Office:
  • Principal
    Shri Sharad C. Joshi
    Phone Office:
  • Vice Principal
    Shri Rajesh Kacha
  • Hon. Secretary
    Miss Urmi Pasad
    Phone Office:
    email id: bhavanmumbaijyotishbharati@gmail.com
Jyotisha Bharati
(Institute of Training and Research in Astrology and Astronomy)

Bhavan's Jyotisha Bharati
Bhavan's Hazarimal Somani College, 4th floor,
Kulapati Munshi Marg, Chowpatty,
Mumbai - 400 007
email : bhavanmumbaijyotishbharati@gmail.com
Phone : (022) 23623386
Website : http://jyotishabharati.com

The Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan established Jyotisha Bharati, in 1992, by merging the century old renowned Bombay Astrological Society (founded by Shri Jivanrao T. Chitnis, on 18-12-1892, and affiliated to the Bhavan since 1944), with it.
It conducts following courses for propagating higher stuides and research in Astrology, Astronomy, and Astro-Physics.

  1. Jyotirvid -- a two-year basic certificate course.
  2. Jyotirvisharada -- a three-year advanced certificate coruse.
  3. Jyotisha Sayanacharya -- a two-year research course in Sayana (Western Astrology) System.
  4. Jyotisha Shiromani -- a two-year research course in Nirayana (Indian Astrology) System.
  5. Nakshatramoorty -- a two-year research course in the Krishnamoorty Paddhati (system) of Astrology.

These courses cover the varied subjects like Kundali Ganita (mathematics related with horoscopemaking), basic elements of Astrology and Astronomy, Muhurta-vidya (Electional Astrology), Palmistry (Hasta-rekha-shastra), Horary (Prashna Jyotisha), Mundane or National Astrology, Medical Astrology (Vaidyakiya Jyotisha), Natal Astrology, Vastu-shastra, Nakshatra Jyotisha (with reference to Fixed Stars and Yoga-taras), Planetary System, all major sections of Indian and Western Astrology, and Phalita Jyotisha (Predictive Astrology). These courses are based on classical treatises on Indian Astrology and standard works on Western Astrology.
The Institute regularly organises talks, lectures, seminars and trip for sky-gazing (Akasha-darshana) every year.
The classes for these courses are conducted during 10.30 a.m. - 5.00 p.m. on Sundays only, from January to December, every year.
Those who are interested in joining these courses may send their letter/email [with full postal address (with PIN code), mobile no., etc.] for obtaining details regarding admission, course fees, etc., to :-

Bhavanân's Jyotisha Bharati
Bhavanân's Hazarimal Somani College, 4th floor,
Kulapati Munshi Marg, Chowpatty,
Mumbai-400 007, Maharashtra.
Admission Process

The details regarding the last date for submission of application-forms (along with prescribed fees) and date of commencement of courses will be announced soon under http://jyotishabharati.com

Last updated on:20, April, 2023