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Communal Harmony Week 2015
Bhavan's B. P. Vidya Mandir, Srikrishnanagar had organized their annual Communal Harmony Week (CHW) from 19th to 27th November, 2015, under the guidance of Senior Principal, Mrs. Annapoorni Shastri.
The CHW started off with Principal Madam's wise words and the 'raddi campaign'. The money collected from this has been donated to the National Foundation for Communal Harmony, New Delhi.
Another event of the CHW was the power-point presentation regarding 'Tourism in India'. It was presented by the students of Std. XI and XII to the students of standard IX and X. It was followed by an activity of brochure making. The Shipwreck was an activity which centered on debating. It involved a collection of controversial celebrities on a sinking ship, arguing for their chance to be saved by the last life jacket. The 'Turncoat' was a competition involving participants speaking both-'for' and 'against' the topic given to them. The students of BVM also performed a flash mob at the Traffic Park, showcasing the harmful effects of addiction.
Another major activity of the CHW was the All India Political Party Meet (AIPPM). This three day mega-event involved students being assigned different political party members and meeting to discuss and debate on political issues, this time's agenda being the review of the Modi government.
The exquisitely unique Communal Harmony Week, which closed off with an orchestra, was a grand success owing to the willing participation of students. The teacher in charge Mrs. Geeta Dubey helped the students in successfully accomplishing the activities undertaken.
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