Bangalore Kendra
Puligere Utsav 2016
Glimpses of Puligere Utsav
The elliptical Linga, the abstract symbol of Shiva, from which it derives its nomenclature, Shivalinga, is the most common representation of Ishwara in Hindu temples.
Ancient Indian thought holds that when unmanifest energy begins to manifest itself, the first form is always the Linga. Not only has this symbolism been given a go by in the entire Someshwara temple complex, the very representation of the main deity, Shiva, is in the form of an image, which is uncommon in itself.
The 2000-year-old Someshwara temple, archaeologically excavated by the Foundation, belongs to the school of Chalukyan architecture, the huge temple complex housing many smaller ones, Shiva being the presiding deity.
Historically, Lakshmeshwara is known for its rich cultural and literary history traditions. Jain religion and culture too flourished in the region.
The Utsav drew thousands last time, and is being held for the second time due to public demand, made to the temple trustees by villagers, as this was expected to woo tourists also.
Bhavan's Bengaluru Kendra supported the entire event with the co-operation of the village authorities and he temple trust.
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