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Avadhaana Art
Scholars who participated in the Ashtavadana (from left:) Dr. R. Ganesh, Shri Ganesh Bhat Koppalatota, Shri Naresh Kirti, Shri H. A. Vasuki, Prof. K. S. Kannan, Dr. R. Shankar, Shri G. S. Raghavendra, Shri Sudhir Krishnaswamy, Smt. Meera Kannan and Dr. Shantha Shaivalini
Avadhaana is a rare and unique classical art of ancient India which is scholarly and entertaining.
Avadhaanam is a three-fold act of spontaneous versification in a highly classical idiom, where a quick wit and sharpness of intellect, buttressed with a lively bent of mind, come to be tested.
All these came to the fore at the Ashtaavadhaana programme organised by the Dr. K. M. Munshi Institute of Art & Culture at the Well-known avadhaani and Sanskrit poet
Dr. R. Shankar, held the centre stage, holding his own against posers like niShedhaakshari by Prof. K. S. Kannan, samasya (Shri H. A .Vasuki), dattapadi (Shri Naresh Kirti), Aashukavitaa (Shri G. S. Raghavendra), kaavyavaachana (Smt. Meera Kannan),and saMkhyaabandha (Dr. Shantha Shaivalini).
Avadhaana too has its roots in the Vedas and the shastras of Sanskrit literature. In Kannada, its history goes back to the 10th and 11th centuries. After centuries of hibernation, it was revived in the Twentieth century. Depending upon the number of tasks to be completed, the art is categorised into several sub-forms. The most fundamental and entertaining of them is the ashtaavadhaana.
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