Bhavan upholds our ancient concepts:
Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam -
" The World is one family ".
Aa no Bhadraah kratavoyantu vishwatah
-" Let Noble thoughts come to us from every side".
The above connotations vindicate unequivocally the catholicity of mind, the democratic fibre and the secularistic character enshrined in our culture from time immemorial.
The Bhavan seeks the active participation and support of all in the movement of carrying the universal message of the great Indian Culture to the four corners of the world and of building up a Commonwealth of Faith, Hope and Basic Human Values, bringing nations and people together to strive for a world free from hatred and strife and full of love, peace and happiness.
We therefore invite you to join us in continuing this pious and holy campaign and thus strengthen Bhavan's hands in its relentless efforts.
By becoming a Life Member you will be entitled to : -
  1. A copy of one of the Journals -
    • Bhavan's Journal (English) /
    • Navneet (Hindi) /
    • Navneet Samarpan (Gujarati)
    all your life.
  2. A discount of 25% on the cover price of all the books published by Bhavan.
  3. Free Membership of our library wherever exists.
  4. Invitation to Bhavan's major functions.

Life Membership/Life Subscriber Form
Take a print out of this form
Fill it and send it to the address given below.

The Executive Secretary
Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan
K.M. Munshi Marg,
MUMBAI 400 007,
Phone: 23631261

Dear Sir,
I heartily endorse and subscribe to the principles, and ideals of Bhavan and request you to enroll me as a Life Member & Life-Subscriber for the periodical indicated below.

I note that the duration of Life Member/Life Subscriber is for a period of 20 years.

I have remitted Rs. 10,000/- by M.O. Cheque D.D.
Cheque/ DD Number. on Bank.
1. Full Name:
2. Address:
3. Date of birth:
4. Telephone Numbers:
5. Periodical Opted: Bhavan's Journal
Navneet Hindi
Navneet Samarpan
6. E mail Id:
Date: Signature :________________

1. Type the name and address in BLOCK LETTERS.
2. Intimate change in address whenever takes place.
3. Select the required option
4. Cheque/DD should be in the name of 'BHARATIYA VIDYA BHAVAN'

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