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The Logo

In Charge of Library & Advisor (Research & Development): Shri Ramesh Oza
Chief Librarian: Kumari Niyati Shah
Librarian: Smt. Anjali K. Ambekar
Library Address:
Munshi Saraswati Mandir Granthagar
(The Bhavan's Library)
Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan,
3rd Floor, Munshi Sadan,
Kulapati K.M Munshi Marg,
Mumbai-400 007.
Phone: (Direct) 23624462, 23631261, 23630265, 23634462/63/64 Ext. 226
Mobile: 9321388031
email: librarybhavans@gmail.com
Library website: https://bhavanslibrary.org
Online Catalogue on Koha: http://bhavanslibrary.com
Library Timings: Monday to Friday
10.00 a.m To 6.00 p.m
Closed on 2nd & 4th Saturdays, Sundays & Bank Holidays.


Bhavan’s Munshi Saraswati Mandir Granthagar was established in 1947 with a special focus on Indology, Indian culture and Sanskrit literature. Today, it is one of the leading libraries in Mumbai with a collection of over 100,000 books and bound volumes of journals in Gujarati, Sanskrit, English, Hindi and Marathi.
The collection covers a broad spectrum of subjects like literature, history and culture, biographies, religion, philosophy, art, architecture and more. The Library is used for research purposes as well as for general reading and recreation.

Library Collections

  • General
    • Gujarati: A strong collection of Gujarati literature built over the years that includes various genres of fiction, other forms of literature like poetry, drama, essay, humour, etc. from eminent authors of previous eras to current. There are also books on various other subjects like philosophy, Hinduism, Jainism, history and so on.
    • English: Classics of authors from around the world, Indian English literature, biographies, history, politics, religion, philosophy, arts, architecture and more.
    • Hindi & Marathi: Works by renowned authors in the fields of literature, history, philosophy and so on.
  • Indology: A large collection of books on various Indological subjects in Sanskrit as well as translations and interpretations in English, Gujarati and Hindi of ancient scriptures, Sanskrit literature, Indian systems of Philosophy and more. The Library also has 1,400 manuscripts.
  • Special Collections
    • Gandhian Collection: A significant collection of books by and on Mahatma Gandhi that includes biographical works, political ideologies, independence movement and history of India, social views, way of life and so on.
    • K M Munshi Collection: K M Munshi’s well-known historical novels, his biography and reminiscences of his political and legal life, history and culture of Gujarat and so on.
    • Zoroastrian Collection: Includes Books on various aspects of Zoroastrianism and history of Iran, and books by Parsi Gujarati authors.
  • Digital Collection: The Library has digitised around 7,000 books in Sanskrit, Gujarati and English.
  • Children’s Library: The Children’s Library was established in 1950 and includes classics, adventure, humour, mythology, moral and general knowledge and hobbies and the likes.